«Dieselzipservice» company is reliable supplier of diesel installations and repair parts for various branches of industry, mechanic and power engineering, shipping and railway industries.

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JSC «Zvezda»

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Full assortment of spare parts for engines, produced by JSC "Zvezda"

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Repair parts, Tools, Component parts (marine engine attachments), Diesel engine overhaul, Service, Engine overhaul

"Dieselzipservice" company is reliable supplier of diesel installations and repair parts for various branches of industry, mechanic and power engineering, shipping and railway industries.

We offer you engines from such well-known producers as “Zvezda” JSC and all other giants of domestic machinery.

As well we realize engine overhaul, provide post guarantee obligations and necessary repair parts supply for all engine modifications at a moderate charge. Direct collaboration with producers guarantees high-quality of outputs provided high-grade diesel engine repair service. Accumulate proven experience let us form long standing partner and client networks. We are justly proud of our achievements, because we are given a confidence by flagships of strategic industries as: “Zvezda” JSC, “BALTPROMSERVICE” Co Ltd, “TEKHNOSNAB Service” NPO (SPA), “MorTekhSnab” Co Ltd and etc. All of them become important partners to us.

"Dieselzipservice" Co Ltd specializes in supply of repair parts for engines made by very famous Russian plant “Zvezda” JSC, which produces high turnover engines.

"Zvezda" JSC (the same as Plant 172 n.a. Voroshilov) is machine-building enterprise. Nowadays "Zvezda" JSC – it is a production of high turnover engines with more than 50 years old history. It had been producing planes and tanks for the WW2. Today it implements powerful diesel installations for High-Speed Civil Fleet and Navy of Russian Federation.

"Dieselzipservice" Co Ltd develops service base for diesel engines produced by “Zvezda” JSC. We considerably ease diesel engine and diesel generator plant exploitation on customers’ base. In accordance with customers desire "Dieselzipservice" Co Ltd takes charge of diesel installation operability assurance produced by “Zvezda” JSC.

Supply department of "Dieselzipservice" Co Ltd provides deliver of necessary repair parts ant tools for diesel installations and all other objects: from hydrofoil crafts to spaceport power complex.

“Dieselzipservice” Co Ltd provides timeous supply of repair parts for diesel engines and marine diesels, working as power plants on boards of civil fleet and Navy.

One of an inestimable advantage of our company is ultra-rapid answers to a customer demand: immediate supply of repair parts for diesel engines, documentation delivery, service maintenance,  responsive intervention. We фдыщ provide post guarantee service and diesel engine overhaul. Our staff has wide experience, that lets us quickly remove system faulty operations and avoid production process failures.s.

Machine work and reconstruction of engine components are made by our specialists. All works are realized on modern full equipped base. We use only special equipment and professional tools.

We offer such diesel generator as KAS-500, diesel installations: M400, M401, M420, M504, M507, M756, ZIP, diesel sets made by famous producers; “Uzhdieselmash”, “Zvezda”. We perform diesel system delivery: diesel generator or diesel installations for various enterprises.

You can order pulverizing jets, repair parts and all demanding component parts for diesel engine. Repair and overhaul of equipment, new diesel engine fixing and guarantee maintenance are included in wide range of our services. Guarantee will be given for total output including nozzle rings and other repair parts.

We offer piston rings for the most popular diesel generators. We collaborate with large-scale producers and guarantee high-quality of production. You can purchase good quality piston rings made from high-duty cast iron or steel for various types of diesel engine.

You can order any demanding item by phone, e-mail or in the company office. On request we’ll deliver your order in any point of Russia.

Machine work of engines and details is carried out on top level. Due to using high-tech tooling methods any work is realized fast and professional. Full machine work includes rebore, grinding and polish of details. We professionally perform engine overhaul, demanding repair and installation works. We use only modern technologies and high-quality components. Our work provides you uninterrupted operations and efficient production. We do all works as fast as it possible, what allowed avoid lengthy downtime in production process.

In “Dieselzipservice” Co Ltd you can order auxiliary or emergency marine diesel generators from domestic and foreign producers. Maintenance, repair and replacement of component parts are included in service range.

We sell repair parts of famous producers on beneficial terms directly from producers and guarantee their safe operation during the effective life.

“Dieselzipservice” Co Ltd implements bulk deliveries of diesel equipment throughout Russia. We provide machinery and power industry, railway transport and shipping industry.

“Dieselzipservice” Co Ltd is one of the market-leading companies.

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