«Dieselzipservice» company is reliable supplier of diesel installations and repair parts for various branches of industry, mechanic and power engineering, shipping and railway industries.

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Maintenance of gas turbine

The company "Dizelzipservice" currently carries out statement to repair multiple types of gas turbines: DE59, DZH59, M3, M7, M8, M15. Separately being staged for the repair of engines AI-20 as part of a gas turbine power station PAES-2500, manufactured by Motor Sich JSC, as well as models: DV71, DK59, DO63, M62, M7K, DR76, DS71, DR59L.
The turbine section
The site repair of gas turbine engines
At the same time work on the establishment of testing system for gas turbine engines / systems as the load device will be used hydraulic brakes of the company Zollner. with a total capacity of 14 000 hp .. For testing of gas turbine engines more power negotiations on the acquisition of hydraulic brakes AVL - a total capacity of up to 34,000 hp
To test the engines AI-20 is preparing a test bed structurally similar to the layout of the power plant PAES-2500. The load will be transferred from the engine through the planetary gear in the high-voltage generator. To convert the voltage transformer will be used 6.3 / 0.4 power of 3 MW (3,000 kW). The load on the engine will be carried out using a set of three load modules rheostat type manufactured in the production enterprise "Dizelzipservis." The power load for the two modules and one at 1 mW 0.5 mW.
AI-20 on the premises
AI-20 engine at the repair site of the enterprise
Dizelzipservis already has experience in repairing turbines GP Research and Production Complex "Zorya" - "Mashproekt", is currently in production of finished production of reeling mill for docking / undocking turbines. The company engaged in the business - a dynamically developing company, as in the formulation for the repair of gas turbine engines of SE Research and Production Complex "Zorya" - "Mashproekt", JSC Motor Sich, the company "Dizelzipservis" is not limited to the specific modifications or generation of gas turbine engines. This approach allows us to deeply develop the technology to restore all components of gas turbines.
Marine gas turbine engines
Gas turbine engines to repair on the premises
To prevent the installation of counterfeit or forged parts in the repair of gas turbines, the company signed a contract to supply optical-emission spectrometer, which allows detailed control of the chemical composition of materials used in the manufacture of certain components, in particular control of the alloys used in casting the blades. This approach allows to reduce the risks of accidents during operation. It should be noted that this technique is not used in any enterprise that carries out a full cycle gas turbine repair.