«Dieselzipservice» company is reliable supplier of diesel installations and repair parts for various branches of industry, mechanic and power engineering, shipping and railway industries.

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JSC «Zvezda»

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Full assortment of spare parts for engines, produced by JSC "Zvezda"

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Repair base

Repair base

Branch assembly / disassembly of gas turbine engines and gearboxes

Land conservation and preparation bearings
Plot disassembly / assembly of the fuel equipment, oil system blocks, gearboxes and actuators
Plot Electrotechnical
Land protection and packaging
Hydraulic laboratory fuel, oil equipment and leak testing
Wash station
Plot disassembly / assembly

Branch field assembly

Workshop machining of engine parts and gear, control surfaces geometry processing units of the engine and gearbox.
Shop rotor balancing engines, gears, drums, gears, springs, coupling halves
Machine shop blades and vanes Engine
Shop drawing heat-shielding materials
Shop vacuum brazing honeycomb seals
Shop thermal and chemical-thermal (nitriding, cementation) processing
Electrochemical machining shop
Electroplating Workshop
Department of metallurgical production
The complex thermal and chemical-thermal (nitriding, cementation) processing
Land for casting blades
The site of application on the turbine blades and the protective thermal barrier coatings by electron beam evaporation and vacuum deposition
Laboratory studies of metallurgical and non-destructive controls
The complex of physical and mechanical tests, metallographic analysis of materials (measured hardness of materials and determining the mechanical properties of materials)
Shop spectral analysis of materials
Complex X-ray analysis
Shop of non-destructive controls (fluorescent, magnetic, color, ultrasonic testing).