«Dieselzipservice» company is reliable supplier of diesel installations and repair parts for various branches of industry, mechanic and power engineering, shipping and railway industries.

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JSC «Zvezda»

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Full assortment of spare parts for engines, produced by JSC "Zvezda"

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In our company you can purchase diesel generators and engine repair parts on beneficial terms

Marine diesel engines.

First of all operation of the company have started from Russian River Fleet supply and providing repair of diesel engine produced by “Zvezda” JSC. Nowadays River Fleet - it is preferred direction, but not leading.

Range of largest steamship lines have been accredited us to realize complete package of their requirements during the post-navigation period. This work provides dead certainty of fullness of supply.

The liability for all delivery lies with the company and doesn’t spread over tens of small firms. Described way allows liquidating disingenuity of supply departments and directs their power to control of purchasing functions of “Dieselzipservice” Co Ltd and in addition permits to cut expenses.

Repair of diesel equipment.

“Dieselzipservice” Co Ltd provides overhaul and permanent repair of diesel engines made by “Zvezda” JSC M400-series, M600-series, M700-series and as well we service special diesels as M800-series, M500-series (seven-radial engine, 42- and 56-cylinder engines).

Diesel repair is realized at Dieselzipservice’s repair base accredited by Russian River Register.

We have run-in test stand for quality control. All reconditioned engines have guarantee term.

Diesel generators. Power plants.

“Dieselzipservice” Co Ltd has vast experience of working with different production year power plants made by “Zvezda” JSC. Our company ready to provide level readiness of diesel generator for start (when it works as emergency power source), support of diesel during all year.

“Dieselzipservice” Co Ltd recommends SPTA sets and diesel generator maintenance programs, which were tried on numerous diesel generators and GASPROM’s platforms. We offer service during the operating time, which declared by producers.

Full list of repair and component parts by groups.

Marine diesel engines:

Diesels of M50-series: M400, m401A-2, M401A-3, M412, M417A, M417B, M419, M420, M421, DRA-210B, DRA-210V
Diesels of M500-series: M503A, M503B, M504A, M504B, M507A, M512, M517, M520, M520B, M532, M532A, DRA-532A, M533, M534
Diesels of third generation: M470, M470M, M470MK, M480, DRA-470M, DRA-470, DRA-473, DRA-470MR,
Marine diesel generators: DGAS- 300, DGAS-315, ASDG-500/1-A, DGAS- 500/1MSH, DGAS-600/1, ASDG 600, ADG-460, ADG-460/500, ADG-500/1P, ASDG-500PPT, ASDG-800/1
Diesels for marine diesel generators: M848, M849, M851

Diesels for railway transport:
M753,M753A, M756B-1, M756B-2, M756V-1, M787, M787B, M773A

Diesels for power plants and diesel generator installations:

Power plants:
KAS-315, KAS-500, KAS-630
AS-500AMS-18                         Diesels:
AS-500AMS-19                         M607 (all modifications)
AS-500AMS-20                         M611 (all modifications)
AS-630AMS-18                         M612 (all modifications)
AS-630AMS-19                         M623 (all modifications)
AS-630AMS-20                         M632 (all modifications)
AS-802, AS-803                       M640 (all modifications)

Full authorized parts list for engines produced by “Zvezda” JSC.